EduPro Civil Systems, Inc.

EduPro Civil Systems, Inc.

Version History

Version [November 10, 2017]

  • An “Open Folder” feature has been added to the open motion files form to open all valid motions files within the selected folder. First motion file will replace the current motion record, remaining motion files will use any records that are empty and will add new records as need.

Version [October 27, 2017]

  • The built-in "Sand (Seed & Idriss)" soil model now represents the “Sand (Seed-Idriss) – Upper Bound” modulus reduction and “Sand (Seed-Idriss) – Lower Bound” damping curves from Seed and Idriss (1970). Previous releases represented “Sand (Seed-Idriss) – Average” modulus reduction and “Sand (Seed-Idriss) – Average” damping curves. If you have used the "Sand (Seed & Idriss)" in your analyses, please make note of this change.
  • The layer and profile plots displayed in the Input Manager can now be copied to the report or clipboard. Please right click on the chart to access these functions.