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ProShake 2.0 - Demonstration Version

ProShake 2.0 - Demonstration Version is a free version of ProShake. The Demonstration Version is identical to and includes all of the features of the Professional Version but is limited to the use of seven specific earthquake motions that are included in the installation package. The demonstration program will allow you to test and check the features of ProShake that make it so efficient for performing one-dimensional site response analyses. You will see that ProShake 2.0 allows you to spend less time formatting data and plotting results and more time checking and understanding seismic ground response.

Some of the new features of ProShake 2.0 are described below, and we encourage you to check them as you play around with the demonstration version. The interface was designed by Prof. Steve Kramer who also oversaw program development and testing and wrote the User Manual and Tutorial. After installing the program, we recommend going through the tutorial and/or watching the Introduction Video using the links below.

There are a number of programs now available for performing one-dimensional, equivalent linear site response analyses. While ProShake was the first Windows-based program, we recognize that all of them will give you essentially the same results. What distinguishes the available programs at this point, however, is the ease and efficiency of use, which boils down to the user interface. We have used all of the available programs and believe that you will find that the ProShake 2.0 interface will allow you to develop, run, interpret, and document your analyses far more efficiently than the other programs. For example, it is always a good idea to perform sensitivity analyses – try creating a profile in the Input Manager, making two copies of it (a one-click operation), changing the shear wave velocities (increase in one copy and decrease in the other), and running the project with three profiles. You can easily look at the differences in response of all three profiles in the Output Manager. Then copy the results to the Report where you will have your analyses documented in a Word file. Finally, think about how long it would take to do these things in a different program.

The ProShake 2.0 - Demonstration Version setup program can be downloaded from the link below. Please download and run Proshake_2.0_Setup.exe to install ProShake 2.0. Please ensure that you (or IT help staff) are logged in with administrative rights when installing. You don't need administrative rights to use the program.


ProShake 2.0 incorporates numerous enhancements over ProShake 1.12. This is only a short list of the enhancements:
  • Completely redesigned user interface with extensive plotting options in the Input and Output Managers.
  • Works on all new versions Microsoft® Windows® OS, Windows Vista® or higher.
  • Uses Microsoft® Excel® and Word® format files for input data/results/output and report, respectively.
  • Can analyze multiple soil profiles within the same project (analysis).
  • Recognizes PEER-formatted (.AT2) motions.
  • Graphical display of profile and properties during data entry.
  • New soil models with option for strength-compatible modulus reduction curves.
  • Data filtering for efficient examination and plotting of analysis results.
  • Exporting of ground motion animations as Flash files for stand-alone viewing or insertion into presentations.

ProShake 2.0 User Interface Images