EduPro Civil Systems, Inc.

EduPro Civil Systems, Inc.


EduPro Civil Systems, Inc. develops powerful, but easy-to-use, computer programs for civil engineering applications. All EduPro software products are developed in both educational and professional versions. Our current software products include:

ProShake 2.0 - Professional Version

A powerful, user-friendly program for one-dimensional, equivalent linear ground response analysis. ProShake 2.0 represents a major upgrade to ProShake 1.12. ProShake is currently being used by more than 200 of the world's top consulting firms and research institutions. Download a copy of the ProShake 2.0 User's Manual or, for a hands-on demonstration of ProShake 2.0's interface and capabilities, download a free copy of ProShake 2.0 - Educational Version.

ProShake 2.0 Released!

ProShake 2.0 - Educational Version

A free program for one-dimensional, equivalent linear ground response analysis. The Educational Version, previously called EduShake, is identical to the Professional Version but is limited to the use of 7 earthquake motion files that are included in the installation package. ProShake 2.0 - Educational Version setup program can be downloaded by visiting our ProShake 2.0 - Educational Version download page.